Monday, June 23, 2008

Random Thoughts!!

I know this is Random.... but I just can't get enough of my boys!! They are just growing so fast!!
It is weird to see Kaser wearing that shirt.. because it use to fit Britton! Where has the time gone??! Britton can talk in sentences and he asks lots of questions (we are in the "WHY" stage!!) and he is very smart. I enjoy watching his little mind going to work to figure everything out in this world! and Kaser is starting to babble and play with things and he giggles a ton!! I know that many of you have heard me complain and even cry when I found out I was having ANOTHER boy.... But I can honestly say that I would never have it any other way right now! I just love them soo much and enjoy watching them (even Kaser) go and do 'BOY 'things with Jake. Yesterday when we were driving to North Fork -or the Mountains- Kaser was crying a little and I heard Britton say to him "Its OK, we ah-most there.." as he was holding his hand... I was filled with such joy and happiness. I am grateful that these young children remind what we are here to do... to help and serve others. (even if they show this ONCE in a while!!) :)

These Photos are from our little road trip to "OUR TREE"

This is the tree that Jake carved in 4 years ago to propose to me!

Ohh... and 4 years later... 2 Cute boys!! :)

Britton LOVES to blow these everywhere!

He had fun walking the trail by himself!

Just Precious!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's a bird... It's a Plane... NOOO it's a FISH!!

Today I took Britton to the Pet Store because he has been such a good boy this week.. and he just LOVES looking at the fish! The coolest to watch was the 'Nemo' and 'Dory' fishes... but they cost a little too much for just a fun pet... so Britton picked out this blue beta... he absolutely loves it, he sat by it at dinner and would ask it if he wanted to eat, and when he wasn't playing by it he would come up to just 'check' on it! and then when he got ready for bed he had to tell it goodnight!! He is So cute!! Oh I just hope I can keep it alive!! WHAT was I thinking???!AHHH!! :)

Kaser wondering what the heck is that??!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Water + Toddlers = FUNNN!!!

Today we had quite the time playing in a Bucket of Water with dish-soap and toys-
The boys had so much fun - it amazes me that the simplest things can entertain for quite some time.... Kaser loved being outside and watching the boys make a mess!! Oh he is just tooo cute, isn't he??!!!!

Kaser found this toy quite interesting... can you tell???!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Jake!

Happy Father's Day Jake!!
I am SOOO grateful for such a wonderful Husband and for such an Awesome Father that these boys have. He takes really good care of us and loves these kids so much. I love to watch him rough house with Britton, Watch him get excited to take him to Home Depot, to build things together, to play in the yard , and to always have fun with eachother. He loves Britton and Kaser and you can tell just by watching the things he does for them. I am glad that he is willing to help out with everything, including getting up in the middle of the night if needed!! I am grateful for the Man that he is and for all that he does for our family. It is hard to imagine our lives without our kids, and I am glad they have such a good example of what a Father is to look up to. I love you Jake!!! Happy Father's Day!!!

I also am Very grateful for Jake's Dad, Chris, for the dad that he is and or his example that he has set and still sets for all of us. I am glad that I get to work for him and spend time with him. He has taught me quite a bit through his knowledge of the Gospel and everyday life, and has helped me work through my own issues with my "dad" So thank you Chris for truly being a father to me! I love ya!

Yesterday was Jake's Birthday!! He went with his friends at 6:00 AM!!!! to go Paintballing.... his new favorite sport! They claim it is like playing XBOX live! .... Whatever!!.... when he got home he told me that there were a ton of mosquitos where they played... and oh. my. heck.. he is COVERED in bites!! Poor guy! And this picture shows just how fun paintballing is.... HAH!!! He claims it doesn't hurt... but OUCH!!! I 'm glad it was fun for him..

This is his Birthday Cake that Britton helped decorate! I know you are all jelous of the Candles... & where I got them is a secret!!!! :) Don't you love Britton face???!

Friday, June 13, 2008

What a Smart Boy!!

This is what I found when I came back out to the kitchen from putting laundry away..... and this is what Britton was saying ...
" Gum gone mom... Gum gone" I asked him where it went and he said... 'ate it' I asked him if it was good and he yelled YA!! :)

This is what he used to reach it... his potty!!! Oh-well at least he is using it for SOMETHING- right??!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Aren't we CUTE??!! :)

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy
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I changed my font at

Monday, June 9, 2008

Oscar the Grouch

I wanted to share this video a LONG time ago... but I never could quite figure out how to get it on my computer .. and well I finally figured it out... this was at Halloween last year and I literally laugh SOOOO hard EVERY time I see this... I hope you think its funny too... Poor Britton wanted MORE candy after we were done Trick-or -Treating.. and as you can see his Mom didn't quite think this costume through... He was a trooper though!

Prepare for a GOOD laugh!!

Fun Times...


Ok... I have been tagged so here it goes!!

A) Four Places I go over and over

1. Wal-Mart... I love being so close! But I have to laugh that anytime we get in the car to go somewhere- Britton asks "Go Wah-Mart Mom??"
2. Bothwell
3. Then the Gas Station LOL!!!
4. Where else is there???!!!! :)

B) Four People that E-mail me the most

1. Arlene
2. Katie
3. Sandee
4. Christy- If you count her forwarded letters :)

C) Four of my Favorite Foods

1. Chocolate
2. Spaghetti
3. More Chocolate
4. Meatloaf and Potatoes

D) Four Places I'd Rather be RIGHT now

1. Hawaii
2. At the Spa
3. Sleeping in a Quiet place
4. On a Cruise

E) Four Movies I could watch over and over

1. StarDust
2. Charlie
3. How to loose a guy in 10 days
4. 13 going on 30

F) Four People I am Tagging

1. Shauna B
2. Kristian B
3. Katie B
4. ???????

Fun Daze....

....OK--OK so I have been a slacker lately... but here I am!! and today is one of those days when you have a gazillion things to do... but don't feel like doing a dang thing!!! My day started at 5:00 AM!! Kaser wanted to be an early bird today and thought it was a good time to play!! I was not too happy to see him whining to get up when my clock read that time!! So I just laid there hoping he would talk himself to sleep..... Yeah Right!! He has not woken up before 6:45- in a LONG time!!! anyway.. Jake finally rolled over and asked if he should go and feed him..... so I got my butt our of bed so Jake could sleep (Lucky Dog!!) and he has just gone down so I am now trying to update my blog and try to keep the other boys quiet so Kaser will sleep longer than 30 minutes!!! If anyone has any suggestions on how to get a baby to sleep longer than 20-30 min naps PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!!!! (We have the sleeping through the night thing down though...)

Kaser has been doing A LOT better now that we have finally figured out what was wrong with him.. He has the Protein Allergy to Milk issue... so that means SPECIAL, very EXPENSIVE formula!! YAY for me!!! LOL but it sure is worth it, to have a happy baby... now if only I could get rid of the nasty Cold he has... ohhhh... fun days!!!!!

Kaser has grown up so much... I wonder where has the time gone???! I feel like we just brought him home from the hospital!! I guess that is because I sill feel OUT of it!! HEEHEE!!!! anyway its been a fun ride thus far!! and it will only get easier right???!!!!! (I keep telling myself this so please don't burst my bubble!!!!)

I love these pictures -- they show just how much Kaser has changed!!