Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How 'SWEET' is this??!!

If you can't tell... this is a Giant Cupcake Cake.... isn't it so dang cute!!! I got the mold a while ago and made this for a friends birthday today!! I just had to share 'cuz it turned out so cute!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

What I have been up to *


I sure have enjoyed it being summer. The kids spends endless hours outside!! and we have had fun at all the parades and fireworks!-- although- I have NO pictures of those!! It seems once I pack everything up INCLUDING the kids, the camera is last on my mind!! Jake has been at Lake Powell the last few days for YM Camp, so its been stressful at our house, yet nice! I have enjoyed sleeping right smack middle of the bed- jake usually has to pry me over so he can get in!, the boys run around either in just their diaper/underwear (which bugs jake a little- but hey its hot outside and its OK SOMETIMES!!! Right???!!), we have had mac-n-cheese, hot dogs and soup for dinner _ which I would feel GUILTY serving that to Jake-- but KIDS DON'T CARE!!!! :)

AND I REALLY missed having Jake here!! But when I talked to him it sounded like he was having fun on the lake and with the Boys!! I just can't wait for him to be home though!!

So with him gone I tried to keep busy (Work is a little Slow!! :( ) so I Finished the Boys' Room and I really like how it turned out- but here are a few of my other "little" projects>

I tend to do Crafts when I am Stressed out, or just need to go to "MY ZONE" , sad to say that I have done a few things recently!! LOL!!

This is just sticks i had found while out walking one day, and I decided to try this... it hangs on the inside of my front door.....

This is my New Front Porch Decor- It is a Chair from DI that I painted and a few Knick Knacks from around the House.... this was a fun project!! I LOVE walking around the DI, to see what I could use to Make something!! - my cousins wife has done a few things on her blog from DI stuff, that I thought I would give that place a try!! I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE it!!

This is one of our new additions- I had Katie -my sis-in-law- bring down TWO kitties!! this has been the VERY BEST thing!!! The Boys just LVOE them!! (poor kitties!! ) they are good cats and put up with a lot- Kaser just can't get enough-- this is the VERY FIRST thing he says to me when he gets up!!! so THANKS katie!!!!!

This is Jake CLEANING OUT MY -OUR- FRIDGE!!!!!! Ya, thats right he is CLEANING IT OUT!!!!!!!! What a Great Man!! It LOOKS AWESOME!!! He really does clean alot around the house... so I guess I am a little spoiled!!!! HAHAA!!!!

The BOYS' Room......

Kaser now sleeps in this bottom bed.... I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT HE IS GETTING TO BE A BIG BOY!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!! I don't have a BABY anymore!!! :)

I just ran-sacked the garage and found pieces of wood---- I was glad Jake didn't care!!

I loved the front door thing, that I set out to find more sticks for this idea- I LOVE how it turned out!!

All i have left is to to the curtain hook things, so I can pull the curtains back....

I loved how it all turned out, but now I am bored-- and keep thinking what I can do next.......