Friday, June 12, 2009

Father/Sons Overnighter!

Tonight is the Father/sons Camp-out and Britton could not be more EXCITED!! All day he would ask me if it was time to go yet... He was packed and ready early this morning!! Jake told him that this was a 'BOYS ONLY' camp, so B would just tell me over and over that I couldn't go because I was a Girl!!- ohh how cute is he!!

I just hope it doesn't rain too bad on them!!

(sorry its blurry- jake sent it to me from his phone)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A little Stinker!!

I am so frustrated with my sweet little boy!!! As many of you know, he struggles with remembering to NOT pull hair, to NOT bite, to NOT pull at the face, and to NOT pull people's shirts!

I am not sure what goes through his head that tells him "lets see how we can make that kid cry!!"

Today we went to the Treehouse in Ogden, as it was free today, and I SWEAR we weren't there 10 minutes when his first 'attack' happened, a poor little kid.... got it in the face!

I know what you are thinking..... "well where were you as the mom???" ...............

........RIGHT behind him- chasing him and yelling at him to STOP!!- Kids run FAST!! :0

so I literally had to hold him at every stop we made to play with the toys....... I thought I had him cornered..... WRONG!!! he escaped... I ran after him...... POOR LITTLE girl---- hair yanked back!!- I trying to PRY his grasp off!!!


(go ahead... laugh!!! at least someone thinks it is funny!!) :)

THEN........ We are playing dress up and going through a tunnel.... when out comes Britton , then Kaser, then a 9-10 year old boy...... Kaser turns around and GRABS HIS SHIRT!!!! and HIS HAIR!!!! poor kids looks up and says "HEY!!"

That was it!!! we were there a little over an hour and I called it quits!! I felt bad for Britton, he was being a very good boy and having a BLAST!!.... But I was all by myself... and I was

SOO DANG EMBARRASSED!!!! I feel like a horrible Mom... I can't even go anywhere and let Kaser just play because he will ATTACK out of nowhere!!! and the looks I get from the Mother's-- OHH I just feel horrible!!! AWWWHHHH!!!

So what am I to do????


I just don't get how this sweet boy can be so mean!!