Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday- My new Favorite Day!

So today is Wednesday- my new FAVORITE day of the week! Why?? you may ask- it is the ONLY day that I have 4 1/2 hours of peace and quiet!! This is the day that Dan (my dad) comes and gets Lacey for his "day" with her. And recently Lacey has been taking Britton along.... and I AM LOVING it!! Kaser takes his nap and I have time to Work, or whatever! and Britton gets to go and do something fun - and I don't have to listen to fighting, whining, them telling eachother " you are not coming to my birthday!" (this is something that is said when one is so mad at the other! it gets pretty annoying!! i mean their birthdays are NOT even CLOSE!!! ) and them CONSTANTLY saying " I need more to drink!", " BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!! and with them gone... I don't have to hear " Kaser hit me", " Kaser pulled my shirt" ," kaser pulled my hair!" , Kaser bit me!" , "Kaser took my Cars!" and my very favorite " Kaser is taking my blanket!!!"--- Gal- maybe the problem isn't Lacey and Britton! maybe Kaser is the Culprit!! No in all reality, having all them ALL the time isn't too bad- I just have my days- weeks- and this week has been one! so this is me VENTING!

But I still think Wednesday is my favorite day!!!

I thought that this was funny-
I had gotten Britton this Mommy Duck with the babies attached on a string and you wind up Mommy and the Babies will follow- it is (was) cute!!
I had come into the Kitchen to find britton with his scissors cutting the Last duck off- I asked "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!??" he replies ever so kindly- " they were stuck to a string and they don't want to be!"