Friday, August 29, 2008

FUNNIES!! Enjoy!

Whenever I'm about to do something, I think, 'Would an idiot do that?' And if they would, I do not do that thing." --Dwight Schrute

So with that all said.......

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I thought this was just the cutest thing to watch- It cracks me up at just how smart kids are and how much they actually pay attention to. it seems that all kids love birthday candles, and Britton is no exception. There are some times when I will just light some for fun and we will sit and sing the song and he will blow them out over and over and over again! TOO CUTE!!
(sorry its not the best footage, its video off my digital camera!)

Fun on his Bike while Dad is Mowing the Lawn

Riding Trigger-

His favorite "ride" the 4- wheeler!

Cars, Cars and MORE Cars!! Kaser just had to get in on the fun!

I love the look on his face here-

How cute is that???!!

I love this... Britton sure has taken on the role of Big Brother the Protector!! They are so cute to watch together!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Going to Grandma & Grandpa Thurgood's...

Britton LOVES going up to Bothwell to see Grandma and Grandpa... They have quite the set up. A HUGE yard for the kids to chase eachother around in, horses, dogs, cats, kitties, and now a little pony named Trigger. (Which I have not stopped hearing from Britton- "go see tigger moooommm!!") Whenever we leave to go home Britton always whines in the car that he wants to stay with " 'Papa".. he liked holding the kittens last weekend as as you can see so does everyone else!! OHH... Poor Cats!!! (Wait until about the middle of this clip for a good laugh! Kids are so dang cute!!!)

Trigger- the new Pony (sad thing is that he has NO idea what he is in for with all these kids!!) :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

OoooHhhhh... We have had an eventful afternoon!!

As the Boys were sleeping I was cleaning and watching the Olympics and all of a sudden I hear this screeching noise.. at first I thought it was the TV, but then I heard it again, so then I thought it was the fridge, it makes that kind of noise when you forget to shut it all the way.. nope it wasn't that... a while later I hear it again but it is now longer and higher pitched! So I go from room to room to see if I smell smoke, or what the dang noise is... then all of a sudden MY WHOLE HOUSE IS SCREECHING!!!! all my alarms are going off... MAN ARE THOSE THINGS ANNOYING!!!!!!! so I grab the boys out of bed, they are SCREAMING! and i take them outside and tell them to play in the dirt, while I lay Kaser down in order to grab his chair... so he is screaming, and my body is shaking, I am thinking WHAT THE HECK!!! I call Jake and he says to call the Fire Dept. I call the city for the # and then I can't get anyone!!!! so i call the city AGAIN.. she says to call the Sherriff.. I do... they say to call Dispatch.. I do and LOW A BEHOLD...... 10 minutes later I have a Fire Engine WITH ALL THE LIGHTS AND SIRENS rolling down my street.... hence this brings EVERYONE AND THEIR dog, their cat, their fish....... etc!! to my lawn while I stand there Lookin' CUTE!! (ya right I am still in my PJ's--but my hair was done and my makeup was on!! YEAH!!) The boys were in HEAVEN with the BIG RED TRUCK , so that is good right!!??? well come to find out it WASN'T CO2.... the Kind Fireman told me "Sometimes they can not read too well due to DUST particles!! (so now I am getting the fourth degree onmy ClEANING!!!!!?????) but really I am glad I had them come, I was nervous to come inside with all the kids! So I asked the kind man "How do I pay for this??" (maybe you are all smarter than me, but with my luck these days, I just knew he was going to tell me ohhh a service call is ONLY $500.00!!!) but no, that is where our wonderful tax money comes in!!! YEAH!!!!! so anyway... now I know that I need to dust MORE, change Batteries every so often!! :) and Blah Blah Blah!!!

but all in all it was fun.... I am just glad this wasn't a REAL emergency.... And now I can check 'TAKING THE BOYS TO THE FIRE STATION' off my
"TO DO" list!!!!! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

FINALLY finished!!

Well... I have finally finished THE book of the year... AANNDD I didn't really like it as much as I had thought I would (maybe that was the problem-high expectations!! I dunno!) I didn't hate it nor did I love it... I guess that is why it took me a week and a half to read it!! because I COULD put this one down!! :) I am not quite sure what it was about the book that made it Blaze' for me, though it was nice to have an ending to it all!

DeMoLtIoN DeRbY!!!

On Saturday we went with Matt, Ashley and Conner to the Demoliton Derby at the Weber County Fair... It was so much Fun! Britton was SO excited all day long. He would keep saying "Go see cars crash mom??! Yeah!!" and in the car on the way home he asked "Again?? that was fun!" So thanks Matt and Ashley!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

4 Years With My Best Friend....

4 Years ago I married my Best Friend! It was such a Wonderful day!! I can not believe how fast time has seemed to pass us by! I am so grateful to the Lord that I was able to find someone that honors his Priesthood and who is dedicated to the Gospel. I am so glad that we get to spend eternity together. Jake is sooo good to me from back rubs to foot rubs to putting up with nights without a 'hot meal', to cleaning the Bathrooms (No.. Really he cleans all the bathrooms!! I HATE cleaning them!) and just making me happy. . To the nights when he MAKES me just sit down and relax while he cleans up the house... I love you Jake for being You and for taking such good care of me!! I am also grateful that our boys (and I am afraid that it looks like that is all we will get!!!! :) ) have a great example of a father and of a Priesthood holder. Here is to a gazillion more Years of being together!!!
Happy Anniversary!!
(I couldn't help but share pictures of our wedding day...After all they were expensive.. so I should put them to good use huh??!!) :)

I just had to put this in... I ABSOLUTELY Loved my cakes!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Wonderful Blogs to check out....

I have found a couple Blogs that I thought you would LOVE!! This one is from a Gal that is VERY talented.. I worked with her on the Miss Syracuse Board a couple years ago, and she was in Young Women's with my Sisters, she is so much fun and Crafty!

and this is one that is just getting started, I worked with her in Young Women's and she is soo Crafty and her cards are the Cutest!!

and this next blog, I can't even remember how I found it, but i have literally spent the last 3-4 days reading it (you HAVE to read the entire thing!!) It is one where you will need a box of tissues. This lady is not LDS , but her Faith got me thinking about Mine!! It is a wonderful story and has taught me a lot!! (Weird to say I know!! but you wait.... ) it is almost like reading a very good book :)

Good News!!!

So my mom called me today to tell me that she is FINALLY Officially Divorced!!!! (after 2 1/2 years of her waiting!!) :>) PAAAARTTTTTYYY!!!!! I am so excited for her, that she can now officially move on with her life! (so if anyone knows of a NICE guy out there........ let me know!) :>) ...That is SOOO weird to think about!!! :) anyway I was pretty excited to hear that!

**Congrats Mom on the FANTASTIC news!!!**

Bear Lake Pics...