Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Good Laugh!

I know... I know... but this was just so cute! After hearing a bunch of growling and screaming I walked into B's room and asked him what he was doing, he looks at me and says " mom, I'm just playing... look they like eachother!"

I couldn't help but let out a huge laugh and take a picture!

Ohh... kids sure do the darndest things!!!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

WOW!! Crazy Weeks!!

I can't believe that I have slacked so much!! But things have been busy and crazy around our house lately. Me and my sister - in - law - who I job shared with... moved offices in our homes so now I get to work at home everyday... which has been crazy geting use to it with two kids!! LOL but I like being home with them more. And this last week we have had the fun little flu bug hit our house.... I HATE when kids throw up- you have no warning!! Like When I was at the Post Office and I was standing in line and all of a sudden the guy next to me says " OHH!! Your Boy!!" And Britton was standing there PUKING all over the floor!!!! it was disgusting! and oh so Embarassing!!!! so last night I got it and so jake took the kids to a couple houses.... here are a few pics....

Kaser is supposed to be a horse -

Britton is a cowboy-

Connor and Britton ready for mischief!

and just a random pic.. I was on the phone and I could hear Britton talking to himself and "Connor" (although connor wasn't even at our house!!) he was telling him to put this block there and then if they wanted to crash it!! It was pretty cute!!!