Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Here's what we've been doing....

Ya so it is 6:35 in the morning and I am on the computer....ONLY because I have pathetic, annoying, irritating LOUD UDOT on the side of my house 'WORKING' All I hear is the stupid beeping noise they make when they are backing up or dumping!!!!! I HATE UDOT!!!!! (they have been out there since 5 AM!!!!!! And today I don't have to work so I could sleep in... ya whatever!!! :) Nothing too exciting has been going on at our house but here are pics of randomness!

This is Kaser (about 2 weeks ago) a cute little innocent 2 yr old cousin gave him some LOVIN' :)
(ya those are all bite marks! but kids will be kids!!) and the funny thing is my sister-in law sent me a text last night with her little boy bitten by...... LACEY!!! it is so unpredictable!

Britton absolutely LOVES to fly Daddy's plane ( I let him fly it when Jake is at work!!! HEEHEE!! he is pretty good at it too!) He will do almost anything if I tell him he can fly the plane!!! Ohhh Childhood!
On Saturday we went down to Provo and stopped at Cabelas on the way home!! It was kinda like going to the zoo :) ... but this was FREE and it was COOL inside instead of walking around in the heat!! Britton was in Heaven! all the way home he'd say ' that fun mom!! amimals again?!"
You have got to love Kid to Kid!! I took some stuff in and Britton got this Leap Frog Alphabet Train. It is actually pretty cute... and Kaser LOVES it! he can sit in front of it for awhile and just watch it! Look at him... he is so grown up already!! he is also starting to roll over which is fun!
and finally... the Bike!! the other day I was at Target and we went by the Bikes (Brittons favorite section!) and next thing I know he is on a bike like this following me around the ENTIRE store!! it was sooo cute! so I looked at the price tag for this cute little bike.... $50.00!!!! so I broke his heart and told him 'Not Today' and he looked at me and said "Later mom?' ya Later I told him.. so Saturday Night Aunt Ashley called and said she found one on KSL (I Love those classifieds!!) so I called and it was still for sale... So I surprised him with it!! He doesn't look hapy in this picture but he rides that thing everywhere!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sister Harrah......

I love when I get pictures from Christy!! I just got these today and they just make me so happy for her and so proud of what she is doing! She is doing so good and enjoying it... for the most part!! :) I am glad to know that she is being well taken care of by members of the ward in North Carolina... What a Great Church we belong to!!

Christy with Thurl Bailey - he did a fireside one night
Christy and her "1st" companion.. Sister Astle... WITH Elder Ward (whom Megan, my sister has been writing!! Woo woo!!) and Christy making a WISH on her birthday!

Looks like she had a fun Birthday.. even if we couldn't be a part of it!! Love Ya Sis!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am still Alive.. if you were wonderin'!!....

Ok.. so its been a while.. a long while... but the other day I tried to make a post and it wouldn't let me do anything, I could change my background... so I did.. a couple times!! and I found a whole lot of people that I know who have blogs!! so I have had fun with checking those out! It is so cool that you can go to one persons blog and find someone you know and then from their blog another.. and then someone will post on yours that you didn't know had a blog.. and even people I don't know I seem to be checking in to just see what they are doing! This is SOO addicting! so yes I guess I am an official blog stalker!! are some pictures of the holiday and what not!

These are ducks living in my mom's back yard

Yes.. that IS my little sister and Britton's Aunt!! funny huh?!

Kaser just heard the fire trucks... he was not to happy with those!
'Just ONE more piece pleeeease?