Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter -- Warning-- LONG POST- With LOTS of Pictures :)

We had a Great Easter with Family! The Kids had fun and LOVED hunting for Eggs- even Kaser got the hang of it pretty fast!

I guess this is what you get when I don't post in over a month!!! Tons of Pictures!!!

Kaser really thinks he is one of the 'BIG' kids!!

Don't they look so handsome??!! and NO I did not plan out the 'Blue Tie' thing- I noticed it when I took the picture!
Their true personalities come out!!

He is INTRIGUED (sp? whatever!!) by the Cows across the street!

I LOVE this Picture!!

'G-Q in' it
With his cousin Lindsay--


Grandpa hid the eggs really good!!

Kaser LOVES Grandma Arlene's Dog statue, Kaser will just plops down and talk to it!!

He has this new thing of sucking on Nerf darts and walking around the house thinking he is SOO funny!!

My sister Megan Sportin' the 'EARS'
OHHH- Bubbles!! A mom's best friend!

Aunt Lacey!
He loves this car! it is fun to watch him in it making the beep beeps and vrooom sounds!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Wow! I can't believe that I have slacked SO LONG!!! I have been extremely busy this past month or so--- but who hasn't!!???

I have been watching my sister every day, and have been watching my nephew a day a week for the past little bit.... and Work has kept me pretty busy.... Any spare time I am Priviledged with I usually try to catch up on dishes, laundry, house work and SLEEP!!!!!

We have been having fun though, as you can see, I never know what I am going to see these kids doing while I am in my room working!!! They are so cute though!

Kaser has been so much fun!!! he seems that he has just grown up over night! he tries to be JUST LIKE THE BIG KIDS!!! and he does well at keeping up! so I am enjoying watching them all play together!

His FAVORITE thing right now is watching the cows across the street, he will sit on my porch and just watch, mooo at them , and scream at them!! it is so cute!!

Britton has this new thing of going to the bathroom OUTSIDE!! the kids will usually come in and inform me that he has taken his pants off and peed in the dirt!!! OHHHH!!! Boys!!
and this is what Britton responds with : 'Dad said I could pee outside, just not Poop MOMMMMM...' ohh joys of Motherhood! He cracks me up EVERYDAY!!!! I wish I could record the things he says!!