Monday, August 24, 2009


So she is finally HOME!!! I can not believe it!! She sure had a GREAT mission, and just glowed with happiness!!! I am so proud of her sacrifice and diligence!! what a great example she is!!! WE LOVE HER AND ARE SOOOOO GLAD TO HAVE HER HOME!!!!!!!

Britton was a little scared of Christy.... there was a lot going on at the airport, and I think he was caught off guard!! it was funny to watch his face as he watched Christy!!

She liked our shirts!! we each had a picture of her on our shirts!! it was funny!

The kids waiting for Christy at the airport... it was a long wait for the little ones!!

Kaser just wandered around to visit random people!

All is girls by the sign I made!!!

Mom and Christy's Friends who took good care of her on her mission!! She is lucky to have such good friends!!