Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Night Out Without the Kids!

Yesterday Jake called me and asked if I would miss Mutual to go out with him.. without the kids!! Well Duh!! Of course I would like to go! so Jake set up the sitter -last minute-
(britton LOVES that dog!)
and we went to Olive Garden- Jake let me choose! and it was SOO nice to get out for a bit. The food was great and I NEEDED a break! Sometimes It feels like 2 kids just takes it all out of you! ( I'm a wimp some days!! heehee!!) anyway it was nice that Jake thought to take me out... on a weeknight.. that was even better! It was nice to go out just the two of us. It's funny to see how the smallest things can make us SOO happy and rejuvenated!!! :)
Luv ya Jake!

Have You Seen/Heard These??!!

I wanted to share my new Favorite Movie for the moment: 'STARDUST' it is sooo good!! if you haven't seen it- go rent it! you'll LOVE it!
and have you heard Leona Lewis? Her song Bleeding Love is what is out right now... but her CD is AWESOME!! I just love good music and she has great songs!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sister Harrah- Charlotte North Carolina Mission

Christy is having so much fun in her mission. She has so many funny stories that she shares, my favorite so far is when she first had to ride her bike ( she has feared this from the day she heard she'd have to ride a bike in a DRESS!!!) they saw somone outside and her Companion told her that she should take this one. SO she rides toward the guy, and Christy has a very hard time stopping on her bike. She finally gets there and as she puts her bike down and starts talking to the man, she trips on her bike!! so her Comp takes over a little and by the time Christy has everything out and ready to continue, her Comp was already on her bike ready to leave. Christy looks up and just starts laughing!!! (she said she peed her pants with laughter!!) I did too as I read her letter!!! j/k poor christy!! HeeHee!!! OH how I miss her though! I miss calling her up and telling her to come over and just chill with me and the kids on her day off!! but I know that she is where she is supposed to be and I do see blessings from her serving!


OK.... Setting This Blog Up has literally taken me all day :)... But this is sooo much fun to do- Thanks Katie!!!! :) but I wanted to Share some cute Pics of Kaser with everyone...He is getting so big and doing so much better! He is Starting to Smile so much more and make cute cooing noises...And here's the BEST part.. he has for the past couple nights started to sleep at least 7-8 hours!!!! YEAH!!!!!! Oh how we love him!!!

The Wedding....

Britton getting 'spiffied' (is that a word??) up!!

More Wedding Fun....

So Shauna's Wedding was Beautiful. From the Ceremony to lunch to the Reception. And look at that Cake! WOW!!
The Kids were even good.. for the most part ...YEAH!!
(Poor Jake was working overtime with two kids!! I really enjoyed myself though!! HeeHee)
It was a Wonderful Day!!! I just LOVED the Decorations at the Reception. The Gal did a great job!!
I now have my eyes on Old Doors!!! it was fun to see them as the backdrop for the line.
So if anyone knows where to get some let me know!! :)
We're excited to have Ross in the family!!

I've Fallen For It!!!

Well... what can I say??!! I have LOVED reading the Blogs from my sister-in-laws.. and seeing the fun pictures of their kids, and well I took this Picture on Monday.. and thought that EVERYONE needs to see what my days are like... so Here I am.. a Blogger!!

This is what happens when you leave the room for ONE minute.. Literally... One Minute for these boys to get to the pantry... decide what to use as ammo...and then.. to dump it and crush it everywhere!! Needless to say.. I was not too happy But Connor sure thought it was funny, he kept laughing as I told them to clean it up , and Britton, well he just sat there and stared at me, not too sure what to think about what he just initiated, I am sure!! These boys really are fun and not ALL my days are like this... only two days a week and then Ashley gets it at her house the other two!! LOL!!!!

Ohh how I love them though!!!