Friday, April 25, 2008

I've Fallen For It!!!

Well... what can I say??!! I have LOVED reading the Blogs from my sister-in-laws.. and seeing the fun pictures of their kids, and well I took this Picture on Monday.. and thought that EVERYONE needs to see what my days are like... so Here I am.. a Blogger!!

This is what happens when you leave the room for ONE minute.. Literally... One Minute for these boys to get to the pantry... decide what to use as ammo...and then.. to dump it and crush it everywhere!! Needless to say.. I was not too happy But Connor sure thought it was funny, he kept laughing as I told them to clean it up , and Britton, well he just sat there and stared at me, not too sure what to think about what he just initiated, I am sure!! These boys really are fun and not ALL my days are like this... only two days a week and then Ashley gets it at her house the other two!! LOL!!!!

Ohh how I love them though!!!


Katie B said...

Yeah! I am so glad you are doing this.... I will feel like I get to see the kids more!

That looks like a fun mess! I would have loved to hear connor laughing about it! too funny!