Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I am such a slacker! My boys have had birthdays and I am just now posting about it! Britton turned '4' on Feb. 27, and Kaser turned '2' on March 5! We celebrated at Chuck E. Cheese's with family. It was fun to watch the boys play all the games and kaser was purely focused on the tokens going in and tickets coming out! I think they had a good time! I can't believe that they are this old already!!

They are sporting their Helicopters that they bought with their birthday money from my grandma! They LOVED getting mail--they thought that they were so cool! when we got back from the store, Kaser was frantically looking for "his" money, he just couldn't get that he just spent it at the store! he kept looking at me and yelling" my money!! my money is??!"

Oh how I love my boys!!!